Screen Printing


What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is the art of recreating an image by forcing ink through a specially created mesh, (the screen). Multi-coloured designs require multiple screens, where each screen reproduces a single colour in turn to build up the complete image.

Screenprint is used for larger orders or where overall quality is paramount. There are very few alternatives that can compete with the results a screen print gives, however it does have it's limitations and may not always be the right solution for you.

The Process

Screen printing is a multi-stage process. First of all your supplied artwork is split into its respective colours and transferred to acetates. These acetates (or films) are then used to make the stencil in the screens. The screens are produced and the stenciled artwork leaves an uncoated area which allows the desired ink colour to pass through and onto the garment when placed into one of the machines.

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